Ganesh Utsav 2019: Umer Khadicha Ganpati Proves Of How Festivals Are All About Celebration Irrespective of The Religion

Located in Sandhurst Road's Umerkhadi, the mandal is celebrating 73 years in 2019.


Umerkhadi Ganesh Mandal which is located near Sandhurst Road station on the Central Line is one of the most famous Ganpati Mandals which Mumbaikars and people from across the country visit. Established in 1947, Umerkhadi Ganesh Mandal will be completing 73 years in 2019. 

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The mandal was founded by Bal Sangu Patil who was a freedom fighter in the pre-colonisation era of Mumbai. One of the key features of the mandal is that it is located exactly in the middle of 3 adjoining roads in the crowded area of Umerkhadi and celebrates Navratri with the same amount of enthusiasm along with Ganesh Chaturthi. Sikhware brothers from Vasai are the sculptors of the idol and unlike other idols, this one does not need support to stand still. 

Talking about the same, the President of the mandal Sunil Mhatre said, 

In the initial years, the idol used to be 10-12 feet and now it is up to 22 feet. One of the peculiar feature of our mandal is that we don't have a small Ganpati idol in front of the original idol. Usually, other mandals have it as they do the main puja with the small Ganpati only. Our mandal has donated ₹1.3 lakh for the victims of Kolhapur and Sangli floods. 

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