State Government issues guidelines to celebrate Eid

The state government has asked the people to celebrate this year's Eid-e-Milad in a simple manner. Online celebrations are encouraged and associations can organise camps to create awareness. Guidelines in this regard have been issued in this regard.

State Government issues guidelines to celebrate Eid

The Government of Maharashtra, on Friday, October 23, issued guidelines to celebrate Eid in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Keeping the outbreak and increasing cases in mind, the state government has asked the people to celebrate this year's Eid-e-Milad in a simple manner, and guidelines have been issued for the same.

Officials released a circular issued by the state government which stated that Eid should be celebrated at home like other religious festivals and associations or groups will not be allowed to have processions as all other religious events are banned in the state. However, on a symbolic level, a truck with 10 people will be allowed at Khilafat House in Mumbai, and permission will be granted on a special basis. Meanwhile, associations can conduct these events online so that people can enjoy. However, social distancing rules will apply and will not be relaxed.

On the occasion of Eid, several members install water stalls places in the Muslim neighbourhood, and this is done as a part of the religious traditions. However, if one wishes to install the same, they need to get permission from the local administration and no more than five people will be allowed at once, in that location, and social distancing will have to be maintained as well.

Officials have strictly warned that under no circumstances, more than five people should come together to celebrate the festival. As an alternative, associations can set up blood donation camps, health camps to create awareness about hygiene.

Similar guidelines were issued for Ganeshotsav and Navratri this year, whereby online celebrations were recommended by the government. The rules have been laid strictly, as the coronavirus cases are increasing in several areas of Mumbai. The state government has also said if any new rules are made even after this, they will have to be followed. This circular issued by the government is available on the government's website

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