Police Vs Volunteers at Lalbaug

  • Police Vs Volunteers at Lalbaug

It seldom happens when Lalbaugcha Raja does not create any controversy. After women constable was shoved by the volunteer at Lalbaug, another CCTV is surfacing the internet, where the police is seen slapping volunteer.

As per the CCTV, the crowd was swelling up at Lalbaug and volunteer and police were doing their duty. Meanwhile, one volunteer tried sending his people directly to see Lalbaugcha Raja without any line. Doing so, the volunteer pulled PSI Satyawan Pawar to let his people enter. Pawar got enraged and slapped the volunteer, which was later followed by heated argument between police & volunteers. Other volunteers claimed that volunteer who was slapped lost his hearing ability. It is said that Lalbaug Mandal has approached CP with the complaint.


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