Dahi Handi 2019: This is why the celebration might be a little lacklustre

A lot of Dahi Handi organisers are giving this year's celebration a miss.


Dahi Handi also known as Utlotsavam is a favourite of the masses. However, this year the celebrations maybe a little low key as some of the major organisers of Dahi Handi festivals have decided not to take part in the festivities. The reason for them to not participate has been taken due to recent floods that have raked havoc in the state. Most big organisers are thinking of helping the flood victims rather than going ahead with the celebrations.

This is true for Ram Kadam, Prakash Surve and Sachin Ahir who every year celebrates the festival with a lot of enthusiasm. Borivilli-based Prakash Surve usually has the whos who of Mumbai attending the event but this year, he along with Ram Kadam and Sachin Ahir will be donating all the funds to flood affected places.

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