Best Irani Cafes In Mumbai


The iconic bun maska and chai makes every Mumbaikar droll. Irani Cafes in Mumbai are not just popular for the quintessential food they serve, but also for their classic ambience.

Yazdani Bakery

Located in a busy lane near Flora Fountain, Yazdani bakery is an iconic bakery that has been serving customers for almost 100 years now. It is very Famous for its Mawa Puff, Ginger Biscuits, Bun Maska along with its Irani chai. Some say that it opened its doors in 1953 and has become a favourite amongst all.

Britannia and Co

A prominent landmark in Mumbai’s Ballard Estate, it was opened back in 1923 by Mr. Boman Kohinoor, a Zoroastrian immigrant from Iran, who serves Parsi food in Mumbai. Berry pulao is one of the highly recommended dishes in this café. Apart from this, the Sali Boti, Mutton Dhansak, Caramel Custard are popular too.

Koolar & Co.

This café has been featured in many Bollywood movies like The Lunch Box and X. It’s a very popular café in Matunga, especially for its Akuri, kheema pav, and its large five-egg omelette. The interior is rigged with wood, mirror and the floor is made from old ties like a checkerboard.

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