Ostaad: Owners of Madras Dairies and Keiba introduce Central Asian cuisine to Mumbai

The Maximum City will welcome for the very first time 'Central Asian' cuisine to the F&B sector in the form of Ostaad at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel

Ostaad: Owners of Madras Dairies and Keiba introduce Central Asian cuisine to Mumbai

The owners of Madras Dairies and Keiba bring yet another gastronomical masterpiece by introducing Central Asian cuisine for the first time to the foodies in Mumbai. Ostaad, is the latest venture by Neeti Goel who aspires that this never-before-tried cuisine will establish a new trend in the food space.

Set to launch in March, this eccentric venue aptly reflects the cuisine and offers guests the best of the dishes from Balochistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. The food of these nations is centered around the love for the fresh and the green. Located in the heart of Mumbai, Kamala mills, Ostaad’s leadership includes chefs with quite the resume. To ensure the guests have an unforgettable culinary experience, Ostaad has 3 chefs with massive understanding and proficiency of the cuisine. Tasting Central Asia at Ostaad will be a magical adventure. A discovery of a fascinating region, rich with history and tradition but most importantly, wealth of culinary traditions that are passed on from one generation to another. The mastered and skilled chefs will be able to bring together all the traditions and history with delicious taste in every dish they curate.

The menu will boast a variety of offerings to the guests like: the delectable flatbreads, vegetables with exotic stuffing, flavourful rice dishes, grilled meat, and skewered kebabs, fresh cheese and salads which are irresistible and full of flavour. The spice blends, and sauces will tingle every sense in your being ensuring you’d want to visit this place again and again. Ostaad features special emphasis on vegetarian menu and a seperate jain menu with a segregated section in kitchen for the vegetarian cooking.

Central Asian cuisine is where Mughlai cuisine in India originated but true essence of the cuisine is unknown to the city of Mumbai as Mughlai cuisine evolved with local influences and ingredients over the centuries. We would like to bring to our guests the authentic recipes with ingredients sourced from Central Asia (Iran) which accentuate the experience and transports you into the cradle of this ancient culinary world. Hence the quest to find the right team began and after our research in the countries and provinces of Central Asia we formed our team of expert chefs to bring the cuisine to Mumbai which has a small presence in form of Persian cooking in India. 

Neeti Goel, Owner. 

Spanning more than 3100 sq. ft. with indoor seating for up to 100 guests, the atmosphere is enhanced by a curated playlist of classic hits and abstract artwork of Zara eisa and Rohan Poojari throughout the space.

Some of the dishes from the menu include:

· Sheena kebab
· Hakkari style pot roast chicken
· Murgh pashtooni sheek
· Kalem boregi ,Turkberish crunchy rolls filled with feta,haloumi and parsley
· Mushroom baklawa
· Spanakopita
· Balochi sajji

We're definitely looking forward to visiting Ostaad later this month and binging on some delicious Central Asian cuisine. When are you planning your visit?