Switch up your coffee dates with this Coffee Rosgulla!

The Goose & Gridiron is exactly the place where you will find it!

Switch up your coffee dates with this Coffee Rosgulla!

Are you someone who thinks coffee dates are cliché? If yes, you and your date need to turn in to this incredibly gorgeous place in CST and do dates differently!

The Goose & Gridiron is a casual dining restaurant and bar that sits pretty in the by-lanes of the town where you can get the most laid-back vibe ever from the strenuous city. You’re going to fall in love with the outdoor seating arrangement of this place, we’re not even kidding! With dainty fairy lights and lanterns as well as the rustic décor, the place looks something straight out of a fairy-tale itself!

We won’t tell you much about the Coffee rosgullas, you got to try them yourself!

Among other treats offered by this place are Jalapeno Poppers, Cheddar Stuff Chicken, Mini Vada Pavs and Kung Pao Chicken; every item is delicious beyond words.

They also have a charming bar so maybe you could get yourself a cocktail or two. Match screenings are a regular thing here. The best time to visit is during night hours, the ambience almost looks magical and just perfect for a date!

Don’t have a date? Well, get one or go solo, you don’t need a reason for gorging down tempting rosgullas with the goodness of Coffee, do you?

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