Health conscious but can't ignore the sweet tooth? COO has an array of gluten, sugar-free desserts and savoury options

A go-to place for desserts, Country of Origin (COO) has something exciting for people who are looking to keep a check on the number on the weighing scale

Health conscious but can't ignore the sweet tooth? COO has an array of gluten, sugar-free desserts and savoury options
Eliminating gluten and sugar from your diet doesn't always have to mean sacrificing the taste , flavour and delectables. For those who can’t stomach wheat nor sugar, The Country of Origin is offering a range of scrumptious gluten and sugar-free desserts and granola bars to satiate your taste buds, without compromising on your health. 

The all-new range at Country Of Origin comprises of a Skinny-Licious Cake, Granola BarsGranola, Assorted Cashew Nuts, Natural Raw Unprocessed Honeys, Hummus and much more.

All these products are used without incorporating wheat. The Skinny-Licious cake is made of whole-grain brown rice, tapioca, oats, whole grain sorghum and potato starch. The best part is the sweet quotient is derived from unprocessed natural honey, sugar-free chocolate which is all combined using olive oil. It is a delight for fitness fanatics who keep a tab on their weight but love their food as well.


That’s not all, they also have scrumptious gluten free and wholesome granola bars and granola Jars which are ideal pre-workout meals or apt for your breakfast or even as a quick snack. The Granola bar is an amalgamation of peanut butter, raw honey, steel-cut oats, California almonds, dates, cinnamon, spice and dark chocolate. The bars are a powerhouse of antioxidants, fibres, protein and essential fats.

COO’s speciality the homemade Granola is available in 2 flavours; Crunchy Almond, Butterscotch and Dark Chocolate whereas the other option is Almond, Cranberry and White Chocolate. Both these are packed with richness from exotic foods such as rolled oats, olive oil, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Damera sugar and sea salt. COO aims to help people with a sweet tooth, control their intake of gluten and sugar, by providing them healthy treat options apart from the regular desserts and delicacies.

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