Much needed detox in the first half of January at Toast & Tonic

A 14 Day Special Menu of healthy food, smoothies and non-alcoholic drinks has been curated at Toast & Tonic in BKC

Much needed detox in the first half of January at Toast & Tonic

Stick to your New Year resolutions without sacrificing your social life! Toast & Tonic: East Village Style, international restaurant and bar (a part of the Olive group of restaurants), motivates you to start 2019 right, with a healthy start to the New Year with “Delicious Detox”. This 14-day special menu from January 1-14, 2019, at Toast & Tonic, BKC, Mumbai offers a selection of healthy yet delicious dining options, smoothies and non- alcoholic drinks – so you can continue to socialise into the New Year without feeling guilty or compromising on taste!

The workplace is filled with temptation throughout December. Between the endless supply of sweets and chocolates, extravagant team lunches, and the office Christmas party, the festive period can derail your eating healthy plan. So, come this January and we all switch into ‘Detox’ mode as becoming healthy is the most common New Year’s Resolution.

But detox needs to be great tasting too and Chef Chirag, Senior Sous Chef, Toast & Tonic, has curated the new ‘Delicious Detox’ menu to help you kickstart your January resolutions. With a selection of healthy, nutritious and tasty food that explore new tastes, textures and ingredients, the menu consists of simple, lean and high protein and unprocessed ingredients leaving one feel good, light and refreshed. In keeping with Toast & Tonic philosophy, a selection of locally sourced grains, millets, and house ferments have been added to this offering. Order a portion of steaming hot Shitake and Miso Broth with beansprouts, tofu and pickled radish. 

Binge on a Power Salad with kale, citrus, beets, amaranth, almonds, ragi tossed with a generous drizzle of the fragrant Gondhoraj lemon dressing. The perfect main is the Flax-seed Crusted Baked Salmon with shimeji mushrooms, barley and wheat berry saute, broccoli, zucchini and fresh heirloom tomato salsa. For vegetarians, there is the Millet Pilaf with red beans, amaranth, salsa, house made sour cream and multigrain chips. All this so you can eat healthy without compromising on taste – at Toast & Tonic, BKC, Mumbai. Of course, our regular selection of small plates and big plates are there too! Off alcohol? Worry not- we have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to keep you company. Bereft of artificial sweeteners– our beverage options include Central Park Spice with raspberry puree, apple Juice, red chilli and lime, Uptown Girl – a guava & oregano house-made shrub with tonic water and Westside Story with refreshing mango puree, lime, passion fruit and cranberry. Prefer a smoothie instead? We have Honey Made with fresh avocado, soy milk and pure honey and BCC- made with banana, coffee and cinnamon yogurt. So here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!