Magazine Street Kitchen: Mumbai's MasterChef-like co-cooking space will blow your mind away

In a sit-down with owners Jay Yousuf and Gauri Devidayal, we got a little tour of the unique, co-cooking kitchen space spread across 2,500 sq ft in Mumbai's Mazgaon area


Most of us have watched MasterChef Australia and have dreamt of being a part of a state-of-the-art, multi-functional and high-intensity spacious kitchen, like the one in the show where Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston are patrolling the area to bring out the best food!

2,500 Sq Ft Of Happiness For Chefs! 

Well, Mumbai-based couple and owners of popular SoBo restaurant ‘The Table’, Jay Yousuf and Gauri Devidayal have brought a similar, if not the same, concept of a kitchen to Mumbai back in 2016 and we’re glad we stumbled upon this magnificent kitchen space in Mazgaon.

Spread across 2,500 sq ft, Magazine Street Kitchen is a one of kind, unique co-cooking space, which houses in-house chefs and hosts a variety of events and provides a platform for chefs from places around to cook their best meals at this well-equipped, open kitchen space.

Built in an industrial area which used to be a steel factory earlier, Magazine Street Kitchen isn’t your regular food place. It has a dining area which can hold up to 30-35 people with an overlooking view of the kitchen downstairs. 

Mag St Bread Co.

Mag St Kitchen houses a bakery under the name of ‘Mag Street Bread Co. With the aroma a bakery produces, being around freshly baked bread makes me not want to leave, ever!

Mag St Bread Co supplies bread to various eateries around Mumbai and their aim is to help people in Mumbai eat high quality, tasty bread.

You Feel Like Cooking Here

Jay and Gauri took over a year or two to set this massive kitchen space up and their efforts are quite visible as whether or not you’re good at cooking, you would want to at least prepare a portion of Maggi here. From the equipment to available resources, Mag St Kitchen has something unique to offer.

What Does It Offer?

The couple hosts dinners and events for the public with tickets made available online where the in-house chefs prepare a delicious meal and serve you the best food! Head Chef Divesh Aswani will make sure the meal is nothing short of finger licking (unless you’re eating with cutlery) and head baker, Rachelle Andrade will leave you with a perfect dessert for your sweet tooth.

A Movie Was Shot Here!

Recent Bollywood movie ‘Chef’ (2017), starring Saif Ali Khan was shot at Mag St Kitchen and the couple was delighted to host the cast and crew of the movie. Gauri shared her joy of watching her brainchild on the big screen in a movie and a big star like Saif Ali Khan using her kitchen space.

The city is welcome to such concepts which bring a new flavour to the F&B segment. Kudos to Jay and Gauri!

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