Relish on some authentic, indigenous Asian food at Happy Thai

The new Asian restaurant on the block is the brainchild of the renowned businessman Aditya Kilachand and has opened its doors at Atria Mall in Worli

Relish on some authentic, indigenous Asian food at Happy Thai

Happy Thai - India’s first indigenous Authentic Asian fast-casual dining chain has opened its first restaurant at Atria Mall, Worli. 

Happy Thai aims to be a place where the happiest memories with close friends and family can be recreated through the restaurant’s offering of authentic Thai and Japanese cuisine for an evolved palate and for a new experimental customer. 

The new Asian restaurant on the block is the brainchild of the renowned businessman Aditya Kilachand. As promoter, Aditya has put together a stellar and previously successful team of Samir Chhabria as CEO and celebrated Chef James Biaka, Executive Chef of Happy Thai. The team is further complimented by Chef Run, who is sure to deliver the authenticity of Thai flavours owing to his rigorous training at the Blue Elephant Culinary School (Royalty of Thai Cuisine).

The food menu offers a compilation of Thai and Japanese favourites that are prepared whilst preserving the authentic flavours. It includes signature dishes from Creamy Spicy Rock Shrimp, Miso Nasushiglyaki to the Ultimate Gyozas. The Green Papaya Salad, Yummy Yellow Tail, and Freshwater Tuna & Jalapenos from the curated menu vouches for its premium ingredients. The menu expands to Asian classics with a twist like Stir-Fried Chicken + Basil with interesting add-ons of Miso marinated black cod, Lotus root and mushroom and Agedashi Tofu.  No Asian restaurant is complete without the flavoursome assemblage of curries like Japanese Ninja Katsu Curry, Aromatic Sweet Green Curry and Spicy Jungle Massaman Curry. The new- age dining experience also features sushi and ramen for a wholesome Asian experience. 

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Happy Thai celebrates authentic Thai and Japanese cuisine and promises to deliver an exceptional cultural experience with its vibrant, welcoming interiors that are aesthetically designed and curated by Founder and Principal designer at Essajees Atelier; Sarah Sham.

The 85-seater, 2650 sq. ft restaurant is in the new hotspot Atria Mall, Worli features rich design and craft from the prevailing colours and pieces of Thailand and has a dash of South Asia’s essence into its interiors. The brand’s vision was a place that not only captures the visual and tangible elements of Thailand but also the vibe, the royalty, and the festive experience that forms a big part of Thailand's culture. The team has integrated cane and wood into the space, a lot of plants, and the Happy Thai colours of black and red. Along with a lot of gold accents into the space that pays homage to the royal roots of the elephant.

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On the launch of his new venture, promoter Aditya Kilachand says,

With Happy Thai, we believe to nourish with soul food. We aim to be the First Indigenous Authentic Asian fast-casual dining chain in India, and it is our endeavor to offer quality cuisine across demographics to the diverse Indian Palate.

And while Happy Thai embarks on its journey as a restaurant, the team plans to soon launch, Happy Thai Express and Happy Soba, offshoots of the same as delivery outlets offering South Asian Cuisine.