Bombay Street Treat: Wall Art, Ice Cream, and more colour has come your way!

The newest addition to the city's F&B list is 'BST', which is sandwiched between wall art and serves delicious desserts and a little coney surprise!

Bombay Street Treat: Wall Art, Ice Cream, and more colour has come your way!

For every sweet tooth and colour-loving person, the newest addition to the dessert genre of the city is Bombay Street Treat.

What's Bombay Street Treat All About

The wall art on either side of the shop will most definitely trap your attention and will make you bring your phones out before you even get to place an order.

One can find ice-cream cookie sandwiches, cake sandwiches, and sundaes which are delicious and vibrant at the same time! So after you're done with capturing the wall art, there's a sugary surprise.

What Can You Order?

Bombay Street Treat offers flavours like melon mint, pecan butter, French vanilla, blue cotton candy etc.

They have the classic single scoop for ₹120 or double scoop for ₹160. You can also get yourself a cookie sandwich where warm and crispy gradually melt the delicious scoop of ice-cream trapped between them.

Then, there’s the bread sandwich where a piece of cake is wrapped around your favourite flavour, both for ₹150 each.

They also have gorgeous sundaes starting ₹295.

Customise Your Fries

BST also serves french fries in a cone and you can actually customise it! After choosing your preferred base — French fries, wedges, nachos, onion rings and tater tots — you pick your salt, topping and any two sauces to match it to your preference.

So if you want a customised cone of fries and a sweet treat after, head to BST and savour the flavour! 

Location: 59, Kala Ghoda Building, Dr. V.B. Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai

Average Cost: ₹300 for two people (approx.)