Second Nature's Cold Extracted Drinks Will Leave You Rejuvenated

A brand which sports 'second-to-tree' products, Second Nature has a range of drinks and are divided into four main categories like Cold Extracted Fruit Juice, Cold Extracted Fruit Nectar, Cold Extracted Fruit & Veggie Juice, and Dairy Free Nut Milk

Second Nature's Cold Extracted Drinks Will Leave You Rejuvenated

Second Nature is a product of over 20 years of experience in sourcing the freshest of produce directly from the farmers. A fresh basketful of 100 per cent Cold Extracted (no, not Cold step better) Fruit Juices and Veggie Blends that are Second-To-Tree.

The brand promises to delight you with products that are Farm-To-Home. They try to maintain the most ideal post harvest conditions to retain maximum nutrition and natural taste. 

Second Nature's State-Of-The-Art Cold Extraction method minimises oxidation of the juice, and the ensuing HPP (High Pressure Process) extends the shelf life making sure that these juices and blends are the next best thing to enjoying the real fruits at the farm.

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It provides high on nutrition and interesting solo as well as juice combinations, such as Jamun Pomegranate, mango almond juice, almond and cocoa mixed with dates juice, apple and amla juice, guava agave with chilli juice with an aim to boost consumer preference on the basis of both nutrition and taste.

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We tried a few samples and few of the combinations were quite intriguing. The Mango-Almond combination was a pleasant surprise and so was the Guava Agave Chilli juice. They have this Apple + Amla cold extracted fruit juice which has the perfect blend of sweet apple and sour-ish Amla. We also tried the cold extracted Beetroot + Pomegranate + Apple juice, and the sweetness in the drink is to the right point with the sugar content coming from the fruit itself. Also, the the flavour of Pomegranate is distinct and quite appealing to the palate. 

Second Nature offers four types of drinks:

1) Cold Extracted Fruit Juice

2) Cold Extracted Fruit Nectar

3) Cold Extracted Fruit & Veggie Juice

4) Dairy Free Nut Milk 

The drinks range from ₹80 to ₹150, and are available via an online order which will be delivered to your doorstep. After sipping on any of the drinks for the first time, you will definitely notice the flavour of the actual fruit or veggie, and that makes you feel rejuvenated. 

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