When Sri Lankan Hoppers meet South Indian Appams

A fusion of Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine, this Bandra eatery serves lip-smacking variants of food from the South

  • When Sri Lankan Hoppers meet South Indian Appams
  • When Sri Lankan Hoppers meet South Indian Appams
  • When Sri Lankan Hoppers meet South Indian Appams

Hoppers is the Sri Lankan name for Appams. They are very similar, differing only (and slightly) in regional spices and taste.

Founders Sahil and Jai Wadhwa brought the two together – Hop from Hoppers, and Umm (actually ‘am’ from Appam) but, added the ‘umm’ to denote the deliciousness of the two when put together. Hence, it became Hoppumm!

 Kottu Roti

Hoppumm is a small eatery in a quiet Bandra lane. They have an air-conditioned section with an open kitchen, and an outdoor seating area as well. The walls have been painted with massive palm leaf prints, which will definitely leave you craving for more! 

Prawn Moilee with Spinach Hopper (Image sourced from Mumbai Foodie)

You can call for four variants: traditional, wheat-basted, spinach-based and string hoppers (idiyappam). Another famous preparation out here is Ceylon Roast — a traditional Sri Lankan blend of spices, which comes in the form of chicken curry.

The Mutton Pepper Fry is another spicy preparation which one should try if your tolerance towards spice is on the higher side. 

On the dessert section,  Hoppumm offers two variants on the menu: the Vathalappam and the Coconut Milk and Jaggery Hopper. 

The Vathalappam (Image sourced from Mumbai Foodie)

The Vathalappam is a Sri Lankan dessert which is somewhat like a pudding but with coconut milk. If you want to taste the cuisine from the South you should definitely consider visiting Hoppumm.

Average Cost: ₹400 for two people (approx.) 

Location: Shop 8, Rafi Mansion, 28th Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

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