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There's a special seafood fiesta at Toast & Tonic this March

Inspired by Mumbai’s long association with open waters and the eternal romance between the land and the sea, the ‘Fresh off the Boat’ menu heroes local seafood and celebrates the cuisines of the world in true Toast & Tonic style

  • There's a special seafood fiesta at Toast & Tonic this March

Local catch mingles with the freshest ingredients from the land, in Toast & Tonic’s special seafood menu inspired by delicacies from ports around the world. ‘Fresh off the Boat’ - the season’s finest seafood festival at Toast & Tonic, BKC, Mumbai (part of the Olive Group of restaurants) from March 1-31, 2019 - is served fresh all day (12 noon onwards), 7 days a week, in the city whose pace is only in contrast to the lilting sea that lies alongside it. Inspired by Mumbai’s long association with open waters and the eternal romance between the land and the sea, the ‘Fresh off the Boat’ menu heroes local seafood and celebrates the cuisines of the world in true Toast & Tonic style.

Chef Chirag Makwana’s new seafood specials spans the globe with inspiration from the beautiful coastlines of Italy and France to the stunning shores of Sweden, the exoticism of distant Peru and the incredible seacoast of Japan. With 10 incredible seafood dishes from around the globe - there are plenty of tasty adventures in store for seafood lovers. Keeping with Toast & Tonic’s philosophy of an East Village-inspired restaurant and bar, ‘Fresh off the Boat’ is yet another example of a continually changing menu, one that channels the vibe of international dining, is inspired by many culinary cultures, yet firmly infuses play and ingredients available locally. Dishes here celebrate the best of the country’s produce, while borrowing influences from Asian, French, Canadian, Japanese and even Latin American cultures. Part of the roster includes Kalonji crusted seared Tuna, TnT Seabass Ceviche, Grilled Tiger Prawns and Lobster Rolls. Some favourites reimagined include Oyster Rockefeller, Red Mullet en Papillote and Cold Ramen. We promise you oceans of fun with the finest seafood - fresh off the boat.

The focus of this menu was to keep it simple and singing with flavor, because when it comes to seafood, less is more. The menu has a host of culinary classics - dishes with humble beginnings that are now globally renowned. The T&T Seabass Ceviche takes inspiration from Peru where the ceviche, a mainstay of many parts of Latin American, comprises raw seafood cured in citrus juices and different seasoning. But here it’s been paired with a kokum coconut sauce for a gentler flavour, topped with fried onions, charred Bhavnagari chilli salsa and sorghum crackers. The popular Scandinavian Smörgåsbord Gravlax of preserved salmon served on rye bread with dill sauce; is the inspiration for our Salmon Gravalax. Here, salmon is cured with spices like coriander seeds and caraway seeds and paired with mustard hollandaise, avocado, smoked tomato sofrito and is served on sourdough toast.

Similarly the Lobster Roll, a sandwich native to Maine, is reinvented with a Naga chilli aioli, sweet potato chips and purple cabbage slaw. We’ve added a spin to Japanese Cold Ramen (Hiyashi Chuka) with Bangalore ham, shrimp, house made sambal, fermented radish and a soy, ginger and scallion broth. The French classic of fish wrapped in parchment with aromatics and baked, is the inspiration behind the Red Mullet en Papillote, served with sautéed amaranth, squash puree, braised red cabbage and sun-dried tomato and raisin pesto. And finally, the ever-popular Frito Misto from Italy, a medley of fried seafood is served with house made mustards and tomato sofrito. The original Oysters Rockefeller, created at the famous New Orleans restaurant Antoine's in 1899, remains a secret till this day. Oysters topped with a mixture of finely chopped greens and copious amounts of butter and then baked in their shells, was considered so rich that it was named after the then richest man- John D. Rockefeller. Since then, the dish has been reimagined by many chefs around the world and this Toast & Tonic version comes topped with local greens, amaranth Leaves and a Gin hollandaise.

Other stars on the menu include the Kalonji crusted seared Tuna with pickled fennel, avocado, roasted beet gel and Gondhoraj lemon, freshly Shucked Oysters served with a cucumber and grapefruit mignonette and delicious Grilled Tiger Prawns served with tomato butter, pearl millet risotto and smoked fish croquettes.

‘Fresh off the Boat’ has been crafted to pair impeccably with our G&T signatures, and in particular with Gin-tleman’s Tonic and British Raj, for at Toast & Tonic, a meal is always a little more than what you might expect or imagine. It is comforting, yet gastronomically curious and the food, artisan inspired to modern. Though our menu at Toast & Tonic offers a variety of culinary cultures and is decidedly international, it seeks to celebrate India’s bio-diversity, working with local producers to ensure that Indian products are championed in a non-traditional way. This is what sets Toast & Tonic apart – it’s ability to walk the line between unmistakably global and yet inspired by an approach to looking inward for sourcing and ingredients. Come with an open mind, some curiosity, and an appetite.