Mumbai's new beverage brand 'Missus Sippi' delivers nostalgia connected to your roots

City's new delivery kitchen is focused on the beverage market and in a chat with Mumbai Live, the founder, Kunal Malhotra, tells us why bringing nostalgic flavours of Indian beverages to a more mainstream audience is no easy task.

Mumbai's new beverage brand 'Missus Sippi' delivers nostalgia connected to your roots

Just like a proud mom who reminisces her little ones ‘shaitaniyat’ at every household party, Missus Sippi regales tales of hundred such parched memories from almost every regional kitchen in India. Not just a beverage delivery kitchen, Missus Sippi is a nostalgia mixologist that actualises the power of childhood memory into every 300 ml bottle it serves.

Simply put, it serves beverages which hold together a piece of culture from every corner of our country and to add it to that, it strives to be fresh with every order. Bringing nostalgic flavours of Indian beverages to a more mainstream audience, however, is no easy task. Each drink on Missus Sippi’s menu is evocative of a history lesson of its own, with a unique ‘Indian ceremony’ or ‘experience’ attached to it. This meant close to 8 months of research has been put by travelling across Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Old Delhi, Bihar and Punjab - each unlocking a distinctive secret from a mother’s kitchen, whilst carefully documenting the ingredients and craft required for every drink to remain as authentic, clean and healthy as possible.

In an interview with Mumbai Live, the founder of Missus Sippi, Kunal Malhotra, shares more information about his passion, brand and focus on his new business. Here are the excerpts

When and what made you realise the need for a beverage brand?
Honestly speaking, starting Missus Sippi has taken a little more time than it should have, but this was purely a decision made out of a personal necessity. I have always looked around for soda alternatives which don’t just taste like cough syrup and would fit into my (almost) healthy lifestyle.

How were the flavours chosen?
While working in the entertainment industry for nearly a decade, I have travelled to almost all the states in India. While travelling, people generally like trying out new food whenever they are visiting a new place, but I have always made a habit of trying out their special regionally popular beverages that I had only heard about through my friends and family. Long before the brand idea stuck me, I already had my list of best regional beverages I wanted everyone to get easy access to.

How would you define 'Missus Sippi'?
Missus Sippi as a brand is all about nostalgia that keeps you connected to your roots. Our basic idea behind this brand is to make these regional drinks available for everyone living in Mumbai coming from different parts of this country. These beverages give justice to all the people who have kind of forgotten about hometown drinks from their childhood, and the younger generation who is looking out for such soda alternatives.

What are your thoughts about the beverage industry - what's the key to success and sustain?
The beverage industry has been circling around soda for a long time now, and there is a definite need to pivot. Apart from the reason that these regional beverages taste amazingly good, they bring so many health benefits along. We all know now that more and more people are adopting a healthy lifestyle at a very young age, and the trends are changing. The key to success in this industry would be to have a very clear understanding of your product and then presenting it in the best way possible in front of your potential audience.

Do you plan to expand to other cities in the near future?  
Yes, definitely! The kind of engaging response that we are getting from Mumbai, that is really encouraging. In such a short span of time, we are looking beyond the early adopters already. If we keep growing like this, there is a definite possibility of expanding to certain Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune etc.

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