Minglos in Mumbai is the destination For Fresh Seafood and Meat

Minglos in Mumbai is the destination For Fresh Seafood and Meat

Serving the hunger and food cravings of thousands across Mumbai, Minglos has already cut to be a huge name among foodies. From a platter of mouth-watering food choices ranging from pork to chicken, mutton, freshwater picks, and even your favourite ready-to-cook menus, Minglos has already touched the hearts of a million foodies. From their best collection are the following ones you can find. 

Chicken raw

Minglos has a lot of freshly cut raw chicken options for you in this pandemic. During these difficult times (to find fresh non-veg items), Minglos has come forward to meet the needs of the food cravings of millions to serve them with the best quality chicken - both fresh and hygienic. 


Seafood lovers, hold your hands! Not too tight though, you can't enjoy the mouth-watering seafood options at Minglos. Minglos has got all your seafood cravings covered - from Sardines, Bangda, Silver Pomfret, to giant lobsters, prawns, tuna - and a load of other fresh seafood. Moreover, Minglos is known for their seafood which means there's no way you can close the basket without at least a Basa or a squid - as you wish! 

Cold cuts

Stocking up on fresh, delicious meat, and not having a salami in your refrigerator? Minglos has got you covered here as well - and not only salami but also a lot of other cold cuts for your favourite recipes! Totalling up to 12+ different varieties of cold cuts all made with fresh and hygienically prepared chicken pieces, it's going to rain down heaven when it reaches your tongue. Chicken ham, spicy salami, and smoked chicken are the best of their cold cuts. 

Freshwater fish

If you have been craving some good old recipes made from the best-tasting freshwater fishes, here's the safest bet in this pandemic. Minglos serves the freshest tilapia, rohu, and catla - all hygienically prepared and safer than ever. 

Ready to cook 

Minglos has a lot of different ready-to-cook options made of chicken and mutton ranging from chicken popcorns, fingers, mutton seekh, nuggets, momos - just to name a few! 

Sauces & dips

Well, it's not that you have to enjoy these without an umami sauce in your cart! Minglos also has a range of different tastes to soothe your senses - schezwan, barbeque, salsa dips, mustard sauces, and many more. 


The last on our list but certainly not the last on Minglos'. Pork is one of the specialities of Minglos and they take pride in alluring your senses with a good dollop of ham on your favourite evening sandwich - freshly and safely prepared and delivered to you so that you can make any recipe you want out of it. 


In this crisis situation and nationwide lockdown throughout several months of the year, it's a hectic time for all kinds of people to find fresh and hygienic food items or at least find them locally. Minglos is to your rescue if you are ever craving some good chicken or pork! Especially their pork and seafood platter, it's no less than the freshest prawns from down the beach! It's right what they say - the way to a man's heart is through their stomach, and Minglo seems to just slay the game.

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