'Copper Chimney' flagship outlet in Worli promises a 'nostalgic ride to 1972'

The team have handpicked some popular dishes like Kabuli Naan, Mushroom Kheema, Bagani Bahar, Fish Begum Bahar, and many others from the menu served in 1972.

  • 'Copper Chimney' flagship outlet in Worli promises a 'nostalgic ride to 1972'
  • 'Copper Chimney' flagship outlet in Worli promises a 'nostalgic ride to 1972'
  • 'Copper Chimney' flagship outlet in Worli promises a 'nostalgic ride to 1972'
  • 'Copper Chimney' flagship outlet in Worli promises a 'nostalgic ride to 1972'

One of the pioneers of Indian cuisine and a restaurant chain which is being run for many decades now, Copper Chimney, has been one of the popular choices among families and food lovers, for their Indian food cravings. Over the years, Copper Chimney has offered distinctive flavors and memorable taste with its contemporary Indian cuisine offerings and dishes with signature touch. Established in 1972, the flagship outlet of Copper Chimney in Worli was inaugurated by legendary actor Mr. Dilip Kumar himself, and has been visited by many renowned personalities since then.

The ustads aka the master chefs of this brand have been known for their promises and passion as they have never failed to offer high quality food made with finest ingredients in Indian cooking. With an aim to offer the same thereby take one four decades back is their new menu and the complete new look of the flagship outlet. Some of the dishes of this revamped menu are dated back from the first menu in 1972, and the offering now includes specialities like the Kabuli Naan, Mushroom Kheema, Bagani Bahar, Fish Begum Bahar, and a lot more, exclusively at the flagship restaurant in worli. In addition to the slow cooked Dals, the expertly spiced, freshly cooked curries are a specialty at Copper Chimney; right from the signature Paneer Masala and Benaras Malai Kofta, to the 21-spice blend Rogan Josh, and Murg Makhani. Masters in the art of the tandoor, all Tandoor Grills are marinated for over eight hours, and tandoors are lit at first light each morning, making the Smoked White Pepper Chicken Chops and the Burrah Chop, cooked at 900 degrees Fahrenheit, a favorite dishes of all non-vegetarian lovers. The melt-in-yourmouth Paneer Tikka and Achari Mushroom are a must-try for all vegetarians. Copper Chimney’s handmade breads are cooked in the restaurant’s tandoor ovens, and you cannot miss the paper-thin Roomali, which is available in a whole wheat option as well, or as the signature Kadak Roomali, topped with a choice of secret spices, seasonings or cheese. One can also, try the fresh handmade tandoori rotis, which will also be available in a multi-grain option.

Talking about the idea behind getting the old menu back to Copper Chimney, Karan Kapoor said, "Copper Chimney has catered to multiple generations in numerous families. The legacy begins from the time when the grandparents were only parents, when the parents were only children, and today when those parents are bringing their children along to Copper Chimney. People have countless fond memories of dining at Copper Chimney over the years and with that level of emotion and nostalgia, we had a host of guests reminisce of dishes they had in the early 1970’s, 1980’s or 1990’s. Keeping this in mind, Copper Chimney has found a way to pay tribute to the fond memories of its guests at Copper Chimney over the years, than recreate and reintroduce many of those specials off our original menu."

Sharing his thought on the emotions involved in the menu back then, which the team feels people should experience even today, he added, "Each bite brings back a fond memory with family, friends, colleagues, or loved ones, and we hope that some of these dishes, served today brings back the memories and experiences which are created over a great meal, that have brought us to where we are as families and friends today."

It is also said that the menu was a huge success back then. Taking us through the story of the same, in those days, Karan said, "The dishes from our early years menu were hot sellers at the time; right from our perfectly cooked Tandoori Pomfret, a whole Pomfret cooked in the tandoor, flavored with a signature chutney, to our Chicken Kalmi Kebabs, served on the bone, or our Murgh Malai Kebab, which melts in your mouth, are all grills that our customers have enjoyed over the years. Our Kabuli Naan made with dry fruits, has made a comeback, and has had a cult following with Copper Chimney loyalists who have shared feedback to bring this dish back to our menu as well. We suggest for the fish lovers, Tandoori Pomfret will be a perfect dish, Kalmi Kebab for the chicken lovers. The Kabuli Naan served at Copper Chimney is never to miss for the bread aficionados and Mushroom Kheema for vegetarians. "

The drinks menu will feature signature cocktails like Achari Whisky with a drop of spicy mango pickle, Khatta Panna, a crushed mango based cocktail, street coolers such as Delhi Shikanji, Kala Khatta Jaljeera, Masala Cola and many more. There will be a vivid range of special Chai Sherbets like Lemon Chai Sherbet, Strawberry Chai Sherbet, Peach Chai Sherbet and Indian Chai such as Punjabi Karak Chai and Chandni Chowk ki Chai that is powered with a punch of Indian herbs and spices curated by Copper Chimney.

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