This Bacon-Donut is all you need for a cheat-day on diet!

There are boring veggie-salad days and then there are donut days!

  • This Bacon-Donut is all you need for a cheat-day on diet!
  • This Bacon-Donut is all you need for a cheat-day on diet!

Calorie alert! You might want to save this one for your cheat-day! This is definitely not for the weak-hearted! Otherwise, meat-lovers, march ahead!

We’ve found the best place for you to binge eat, which is now serving a delight for all meat-lovers, called as the Bacon Donut!

What’s the story?

Death By BBQ is Mumbai’s first only kingpin southern-side BBQ joint that serves everything barbequed! And guess what’s in the latest addition to their menu? It’s a giant sized, larger than life bacon donut!

What’s in it?

If you’re wondering donuts weren’t enough, this treat comes with 100% beef, jalapeno, caramelized onion, lots and lots of melted cheddar cheese and of course, bacon. What’s even more tempting is that this cheeseburger is packed with a sugar-glazed donut. If bacon is not your thing, you can go for a non-bacon option too. If you can imagine what this ensemble looks look, great! If you can’t, head to their new outlet in Malad and call it a cheat-day!

What else?

Apart from the bacon donut, there is a ton of other items at this delivery kitchen such as Death By BBQ Fries that are cooked in lard and served with either chicken, pork beef, and cheese- a must try! The signature dish though, Pulled Pork is probably the best on the menu where a chunky piece of the Pig's Butt (shoulder) is slow cooked in apple and hickory wood and is well seasoned and sauced to give you an authentic experience of true BBQ cooking.

Death By BBQ truly lives up to its name and there’s no doubt about it! And there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try too!

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