Zorawar Kalra's 'Farzi Café' all set for two new outlets in Aamchi Mumbai


Zorawar Kalra’s successful modern progressive Indian restaurant ‘Farzi Café’ has some good news for Mumbaikars.

The famous ‘Parle G cheesecake’, tempura prawns with chilli foam selling restaurant is all set to open two new outlets in Aamchi Mumbai and they’re going to be located at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel and Goregaon.

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The High Street Phoenix outlet will be squeezed in between McDonald’s and Smokehouse Deli. Keeping in mind that the first outlet is present in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, it remains to be seen how the new Lower Parel outlet will fare considering the close proximity.

So these outlets are expected to begin serving some delicious meals by November and we’re definitely looking forward to it!

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