5 atypical yoga forms Mumbai should know about

5 atypical yoga forms Mumbai should know about

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, we have prepared a list of 5 weird-looking-super-efficient Yoga poses which could be introduced in our city in the future.

1) Nude Yoga: Spiritual Awakening

Nude yoga first surfaced in the western world during the hippie movement of the 1960's but didn't gain traction until 2001 with Aaron Star's male only Hot Nude Yoga classes in New York City. It has started growing and being practised in different countries around the world.

2) Dog Yoga

This variation combines meditation, stretching and massage for dogs and their human partners. It is believed because dogs are pack animals they are a natural fit for yoga which, as a spiritual practice, emphasises union and connection with other beings.

3) Cannabis Yoga

Cannabis getting legalised in India is a story in itself but this form of Yoga is being practised in the western culture. 4:20 Remedy Yoga in Los Angeles is one such class. The preferred studio for local medical marijuana patients, students are not allowed to smoke on the premises but are encouraged to come to class high.

4) Karaoke Yoga

Karaoke yoga practitioners sing, dance, sweat and stretch their way to joy and physical fitness in a group setting.

5) Yogic Sleep

Now yoga is clearly not about being able to transform into gravity-defying human jalebis but these poses are really difficult to master. However funny or weird they look to others, this form is in a league of its own.

These are just a few unusual variations of yoga. There are so many forms and concepts which are not explored in India but maybe one day, we'll see these 'unusual' forms here as well. 

Stay healthy and Yoga on! 

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