81-year-old walks after being bed-ridden for 15-years

Doctors carried out total knee replacement surgery using ‘tissue preserving’ technology

81-year-old walks after being bed-ridden for 15-years

An 81-year-old senior citizen, who was bed-ridden for the last 15 years, started walking on her own feet thanks to a successful surgery carried out by the doctors at Mulund’s Fortis Hospital.

Saliha is an Iraq national and was bed-ridden for the last 15 years. She stopped feeling any sensation in her legs. Along with this, obesity made it difficult for her to carry out her daily chores. She was totally dependent on her family. Her family went to doctors in Iran, Missar, Turkey and Lebanon but nothing was proving helpful.

Finally, they came to Mumbai where doctors at Mulund’s Fortis Hospital assured them that the 81-year-old would start walking.

The family informed the doctors at Fortis hospital that doctors in Iran told them that they will not be able to operate because of her age, knee problems, high blood pressure and obesity. However, Fortis Hospital Dr. Kaushal Malhan checked Saliha and advised her to undergo total knee replacement surgery.

Likewise, Dr. Malhan used ‘tissue preserving’ technology and carried out the surgery at the end of March. Post the surgery, Saliha told doctors that there was no pain left. Doctors discharged her and now she is able to walk with the help of a walker.

Before the surgery, the patient was not able to stand for X-ray but now she not only can stand on her feet but she can walk as well. For few weeks, the patient has to follow physiotherapy and nutrition therapy. We have advised her to maintain weight,” Dr. Kaushal Malhan, Orthopedist.

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