After 4th Serosurvey, Here Is The Government’s 7-Point Advisory

According to the serosurvey conducted by the Central Health Ministry, future covid waves may occur because some states have reported higher immunity against the virus compared to others.

After 4th Serosurvey, Here Is The Government’s 7-Point Advisory

The fourth serosurvey conducted by the government indicates that approximately 67.6% of the population has developed antibodies against the virus either through infection or vaccination. However, amid the anticipation of the third wave, the government has sounded an alarm about travelling. They mention that without being fully vaccinated, people shouldn’t travel at this juncture.

One of the Centre’s 7-Point Advisory mentions that whilst the fourth serosurvey is a ray of hope, people should not be complacent as 32% of the population is still susceptible.

Reports also mentioned that the status at the local or district level may be starkly different from that nationally. It elaborated that the serosurvey only offers an abstract idea of the general condition.

Additionally, to understand the percentage of the population resistant to the virus, states should undertake local serosurveys. Which will enable them to charter the next course of action.

The Health Ministry according to reports, also added that future waves may be caused because some states have reported higher immunity to the virus as compared to others. It elaborated that in the serosurvey those states that reported lower immunity are at a higher risk.

The ministry also elucidated that since July owing to the ease of restrictions in states, footfalls at tourist spots and markets has increased. Upon encouragement from the government, states have reinforced certain restrictions. The Center has thus, urged the discouragement of non-essential travel according to reports.

Whilst public gathering norms have been relaxed by the states, social, religious and political assemblies should be averted. Similarly, the Kanwar Yatra at Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi have been cancelled, mentioned the advisory.

Complete vaccination should be ensured and travelling should be undertaken only after its attainment, stated the advisory.

Maharashtra too has been preparing for the anticipated third wave.

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