Shortage of Blood in Mumbai

Shortage of Blood in Mumbai

Mumbai is again facing a shortage of blood. This is is not the first time a situation like this cropping in Mumbai. However, In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the blood banks in the city's hospitals are running dry. In the past to overcome these shortages, NGOs would organise blood donation camps. With the coronavirus outbreak and the need to maintain social distancing, NGOs and volunteers have not been able to organise their usual drives to collect blood. 

While hospitals are accepting blood from the donor, people are hesitant to visit hospitals in the middle of the pandemic. 

This has resulted in an acute shortage of blood across various hospitals. At Tilak Hospital, there are about 280 thalassemia patients who are waiting for blood. The Thalassemia Center at Borivali also has has about 100 patients in the waiting.

State Blood Transfusion Council Joint Director Dr. Arun Thorat has admitted that there is a shortage of blood in the city and he has also mentioned that efforts are being made at various levels to fill the blood shortage.