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COVID-19: BMC To Trace Nearly 60,000 People Who Missed the Second Vaccine Shot

COVID-19: BMC To Trace Nearly 60,000 People Who Missed the Second Vaccine Shot

With a large section of the population not returning for their second coronavirus vaccine jabs, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has launched a new drive to trace such individuals, whom the agency calls “dropouts”. The civic body said that around 50,000 to 60,000 people didn’t show up for their second dose of the vaccine.

Around 31 per cent of Mumbai’s 93.5 lakh adult population have received their first dose, while 8 per cent have received both jabs. Individual ward offices are now tasked with calling people to learn why they haven’t taken their second vaccine shot.

The Head of Mumbai’s Immunization Department, Dr Sheela Jagtap said that it was crucial to investigate why the turnout for the second dose was low and to establish if this is due to hesitancy or glitches in the registration process. 

“We have created seven categories listing the probable reasons why one may not have got vaccinated. It includes pregnancy, Covid infection, unwillingness to take the vaccine, willingness to take it in a day or two, those untraceable, vaccinated but CoWin doesn’t reflect complete status,” Dr Jagtap said. 

It is said that a large number of the no-shows for the second shot received Covaxin, produced by Bharat Biotech. What’s baffling is that a large fraction of the ‘dropouts’ belong to the frontline or healthcare workers segment.  

Of the 1.9 lakh healthcare workers and 2.3 frontline workers that received their first dose of the vaccine, only 64 per cent and 55 per cent turned up for the second dose. Dr Jagtap added that duplication in entries may also be a reason for the lack of second dose data.

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Dr Jagtap clarified that the inadequate supply of vaccines cannot be a reason for people not showing up as the civic body has prioritized vaccinations for those awaiting their second dose, adding that such people can head over to a vaccination centre on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 

Medical Officer of Health (MOH) of the N Ward, Dr Mahendra Khandade revealed that of the many people they called inquiring about their second doses, particularly in slum regions, people were uncertain or confused about the right timeline between two doses. 

“Several people told us they were not sure if it was 84 days or 90 days or more since it has changed so many times. Many were simply unaware that they had to return for a second shot,” Dr Khandade said.  

Similarly, a different ward officer said that some individuals were concerned about taking the second dose due to the fear of unknown side effects. “They were not exactly reluctant to take the vaccine, but were simply delaying it fearing the side-effects. Few were travelling so they couldn't take it,” the officer said.

The MOH of the M-West ward, Dr Bhupendra Patil said that some people are also getting carried away due to the decline in COVID-19 cases in the region.  

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