C Com Digital and Blue Cross Laboratories organise an awareness drive on dysmenorrhea

'Period is Normal, Period Pain is Not' is an event that is aimed at educating teenagers about Dysmenorrhea.


C Com Digital and Blue Cross Laboratories recently organized an education and awareness drive on dysmenorrhea in GNIMS, Mumbai, as a part of the several digital campaigns on dysmenorrhea, which have been running for over a month now. 

Dysmenorrhea, the medical term for menstrual pain, is the most common yet most deflected and ignored gynaecological problem among adolescent girls and young women. The workshop thus aimed at educating college girls on the issue as an initiative towards reaching the target audience directly.

The event saw participation by a large majority of students include male students from GNIMS who were enthusiastic to understand more about dysmenorrhea and the risk factors. YouTube star, Helly Shah, participated in the event and offered her take on how period pain is not normal. 

Talking about the same, Mr Chandan Bagwe, MD, C Com Digital, said, “It is very important that today’s youth are aware of dysmenorrhea. The myths surrounding period pain should be broken down. Youth are the evangelists in spreading the message over the social media and digital platforms where they are most active. Helly's poem #whysuffersilently on YouTube and Whatsapp has already become an instant hit.  Many students in colleges and HR managers from the corporate world have downloaded the educative posters available on www.painfulperiods.in. We are very excited about the great response we have received from various colleges, especially GNIMS students, thanks to this digitally connected event. We will cover other colleges going forward and hope to create a knowledge pool around this topic.”

Adding more to the thought, a source from Blue Cross Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, said, “Dysmenorrhea adversely affects women’s productivity, physical and emotional well-being even education & career growth. It is therefore imperative that there is awareness about this issue and women approach their family physician & gynaecologist for advice. Ignoring this can have a massive social and economic impact on the society"

A workshop on dysmenorrhea was conducted by Ms Ritu Palve, Gynecologist where she gave a presentation about the condition followed by an interactive question and answer session.

Helly Shah further added, "Majority of girls ignore the signs due to the lack of awareness and the synonymous reference of periods and pain caused during periods. Hence, it is undoubtedly necessary to spread the word about Dysmenorrhea. And I am honoured to be a part of this initiative and use the power of poetry and storytelling to reach the masses."

Given the fact that there is a lack of awareness about dysmenorrhea and the factors surrounding the condition, a more proactive approach is needed to dispel myths and enable greater clarity. It is a serious issue which needs targeted action. 

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