College Students' ID card will now have their 'organ donation' status

To raise awareness among the public, the college students’ Identity card will have ‘I Am An Organ Donor’


Awareness regarding organ donation has been in the public domain and if the students are educated about the same then it can get better results in the society. The identity card of the students in colleges and in MBBS will contain the information – whether they are willing to donate their organs or not?

People are often not aware of organ donations as they do not take initiatives to donate. Thus, the initiative to print ‘I Am An Organ Donor’ on the ID card of students from medical and other colleges of Maharashtra will raise awareness.

In this regards, the Directorate of Medical Education and Research sent a letter to the state’s education department and the state government approved the proposal to print the donor status on students' ID card. In a case of an accident, the doctors will be able to understand the organs of an individual and there will be no delay in the process to transplant organs.


People ageing from 25 to 60 are eligible to donate organs and many can contribute in case of accidents. It can help those who need the organ transplant at the time of emergency. However, the original process is very complicated,” Directorate of Medical Education and Research’s Director Dr. Pravin Shingare informed.

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