Daughter fulfills father's wish, donates organ


It is always difficult to lose your special someone and the time it takes to heal the pain differs from soul to soul. All said and done, it takes a calm mind to keep ourselves and the dear ones in control.

In a recently reported case, a daughter kept her calm and fulfilled her father's wish of donating organs. Despite being in a  devastated state, she decided to fulfill her father's last wish. A 78-year-old patient Gopalan Koreth told his daughter that he wishes to donate his organs and acting upon the same, doctor donated his kidneys and saved a life of 53-year-old who was being treated on dialysis for three years.

When a man is brain dead, it is possible to donate his kidneys and save lives. However, in this case, considering his age we decided to donate his kidneys to one patient who was on dialysis for three years,” says Dr Rajesh Kumar, kidney transplant surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital

Gopalan Koreth had gone for a morning walk when an unknown bike rider hit him and he suffered grave injuries. He was immediately admitted to Wockhardt Hospital, but sadly, he could not be saved and was declared brain dead during an operation. 

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