Dengue in Mumbai !

 Pali Hill
Dengue in Mumbai !
Pali Hill, Mumbai  -  

Mumbai - Dengue is spreading rapidly across the Mumbai. The BMC officials conducted a thorough inspection of the state to locate possible mosquito breeding grounds, destroying over 13000 dengue larvae. 122 dengue patients tested positive in September alone, in Mumbai. BMC has circulated statistics of the dengue-affected areas:-

Andheri east (K ward) - 884 patients

Elphinstone (G south ward) - 797 patients

Byculla (E ward) - 789 patients

Symptoms of Dengue -

Pain areas: in the abdomen, back, bones, joints, or muscles

chills, fatigue, fever or loss of appetite

nausea or vomiting

rashes or red spots

bleeding, easy bruising, headache, sore throat

Dengue Fever Prevention -

Stay in air-conditioned or well-screened housing

Wear protective clothing

Use mosquito repellent

Reduce mosquito habitat

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