Dengue, Malaria patients on rise

    Pali Hill
    Dengue, Malaria patients on rise
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    Mumbai- It seems BMC is failing to counter attack life threatening diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya as patients are on rise. Health department of BMC has come out with the statistics which stated that in the month of October, 228 dengue patients and 4098 suspected dengue patients, while 10 chikungunya patients have been registered. Five people have lost their lives to dengue. 20 years old Sakinaka resident died during a treatment on 17th October. She was pursuing her education at Jalgaon where she felt uneasy and after coming back to Mumbai she was detected with dengue.

    October statistics

    Fever- 14156

    Malaria- 577
    Dengue- 228
    Suspected Dengue- 4098
    Chikungunya- 10
    Suspected Chikungunya- 47
    Lepto- 33
    Suspected lepto- 239

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