Telephonic consultation a strict 'NO': IMA on patients' safety

IMA believes that telephonic conversation is not good for patients’ health and hence will be creating awareness regarding the same

Telephonic consultation a strict 'NO': IMA on patients' safety

In the last few years, telephonic consultations — speaking to doctors over phone, writing prescription via phone calls or showing prescription via phone and buying medicines — has increased in and around Mumbai. Indian Medical Association (IMA) believes that telephonic consultation can affect people's health, hence, the IMA decided to stop telephonic consultation, confirmed IMA secretary Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi.

IMA has decided to look after patients’ safety and see to it that doctors too comply with the rules. We are creating awareness against telephonic consultation via telephones and social media,” said Dr. Sanghvi.

The IMA has decided to stop telephonic consultation due to a death that took place in Ratnagiri where a pregnant woman died five days after giving birth in the month of March. The allegation was that the doctor-couple Deepa and Sanjeev Pawaskar, treated her through telephonic instructions to nurses and she eventually died of pulmonary embolism. The case is pending in the Bombay High Court. 

As per the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) rules and regulations, selling medicines without a prescription is an offence. If FDA finds out that pharmacists are doing the same, then we can lose our license. Now, we are happy with IMA’s decision,” Shashank Mhatre, Pharmacist.

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