Eman Ahmed who is believed to be the world's heaviest woman was discharged from Saifee hospital around 1 pm on Thursday. She will be taken to Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel hospital for another operation. Once 500 kgs Eman now weighs 171 kgs. For her safety, Mumbai police had created Green corridor for Eman till airport.

She will be travelling from airbus-300 and will reach Abu Dhabi by Thursday evening. She is accompanied by her sister Shaimaa and 13 doctors of Saifee hospital. The State health minister Dr. Deepak Sawant, social activist Shaina N C and Burjeel doctors were also present.

“She is 171 kg and fit to travel. Due to some misunderstanding, her discharge papers were not signed. But now all the formalities have been completed and we created Green Corridor for her from Saifee hospital to airport,” said Dr. Deepak Sawant, state health minister.

Meanwhile, Eman’s sister Shaima thanked doctors of Saifee hospital. She also informed that Eman will now be able to walk again post her operation which will take place in Abu Dhabi's Burjeel hospital which will be carried out with the help of CSR.

On 11 February, Eman was admitted to Saifee hospital and after 81 days, she left for Abu Dhabi on 4 May. 

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