Eman loses weight but will never be able to walk again!


Eman Ahmed, apparently the heaviest woman in the world with a weight of 500 kg dropped down almost half of her weight as she underwent a bariatric surgery in the Saifee hospital, Mumbai. Eman was being treated under a Bariatric surgeon, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. Albeit post surgery Eman weighs around 250 kg as she lost the other half in just 2 months, yet as per the doctors, she will not be able to stand on her feet.

Turns out her legs had stopped developing after the paralytic attack when she was just 11 and her condition kept worsening and it has been 25 years now that she has been bed-ridden. Dr Lakdawala, on the other hand, has assured that the danger revolving around her life has been reduced by 60 percent and she can now sit and lie down as she has normal levels of thyroid, yet she won't be able to walk due to inactivity in her legs for a very long time.  

A special bed was created by local Egyptian artisans in requirements with the safety precautions as laid out by the Egypt Air for her safe airlift to India and she is now undergoing neurological treatment. 

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