Need for Weed: Mumbai ranks 6th in terms of weed consumption in the world

Amongst 120 cities across the world, Mumbai was ranked sixth for consuming 32.4 tonnes of weed in a year. Meanwhile, another Indian city, Delhi was ranked third for consuming 38.3 tonnes of weed in 2018


Weed is very much illegal in India but still, Indians have found a place for themselves on the global weed index as two Indian cities have been placed in the list of top 10 cities consuming the green stuff. 

While Delhi has been ranked third globally on the list for weed consumption, consuming as much as 38.3 tonne of weed in 2018, Mumbai has managed to bag the sixth spot. Mumbai is said to have consumed 32.4 tonne of weed.

The study conducted on the basis of data available from 120 cities, was initiated by ABCD, a data-driven media campaign outlet based in Germany that seeks to push for legalising cannabis. The outlet also creates the Cannabis Price Index to find locations around the world that are ready to embrace cannabis legalisation.   

The list was topped by New York at a whopping 77.4 tonne being consumed in a year, followed by Karachi with 42 tonnes. Apart from American cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, all other cities mentioned on the list are places where cannabis consumption has not been legalised yet, though Toronto legalised it just this year. 

This survey also inspected the average price for these cities, and both Indian cities are one of the cheapest places to buy cannabis. The price in Delhi was $4.38 per gram (₹315) and in Mumbai was $4.57 per gram (₹328).

The study also looked into the implications of legalising weed in India. It stated that if the two cities legalised marijuana, and levied the same tax rate at which cigarettes are sold, then Delhi could stand to raise ₹725 crore whereas Mumbai could raise ₹641 crore.

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