Mumbai’s Northern Suburbs Showing Steep Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Mumbai’s Northern Suburbs Showing Steep Rise in COVID-19 Cases

While the COVID-19 pandemic has swept Mumbai’s south and central parts so far, new data suggests that the cases are now rising in the northern suburbs of the district as well. This is a concern for a variety of reasons, particularly because the northern part of Mumbai was relatively unaffected by the virus until recently.

There has been a spike in positive cases in areas like Borivali, Malad, Mulund, Goregaon, and Bhandup. Ghatkopar, which comes under the N Ward, has seen a growth rate of 13.7% for 7 days till May 23. In other words, Ghatkopar, and other highly affected areas are currently seeing a doubling rate of around 5 days.

It is said that the G North ward (Dadar and other surrounding areas) which is the worst affected region right now with 2,323 cases could be overtaken by Ghatkopar and other areas in the N Ward by June 1.

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The P North ward is experiencing a COVID-19 infection growth rate of 11.9% with the doubling of cases occurring every six days as per data. Areas like Andheri (K East) have 1,447 cases right now and the doubling rate is currently 9 days. 

This comes as the city is currently running out of beds for COVID-19 patients. Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray recently announced the setting up of “jumbo” COVID-19 facilities with up to 1,000 beds and 200 ICU beds.

The authorities have planned to set up a total of 10,000 beds in the city by the end of May, and it looks like new cases will take up most of those beds over the first 10 days of June. Needless to say, Mumbai’s battle with COVID-19 is far from over. 

As domestic flights began operations began on Monday, several flights to Mumbai from other key cities have been canceled at the last minute, leaving several travelers confused and stranded at the city’s airport.