Rajesh Maru MRI death case: Plea filed against Nair Hospital in Bombay High Court

The plea has been filed in respect to the death of Rajesh Maru at Nair Hospital’s MRI scan centre. The family members have claimed that Rajesh died during an accident in the MRI scan room due to the negligence of the hospital staff and authorities.


A few months back, Rajesh Maru unexpectedly died at Nair Hospital at its Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan centre. After which, the deceased’s relatives filed a plea against the hospital in Bombay High Court. Recently the hearing of the plea was held and accordingly, the court has directed the state government and Nair hospital to present their side during the next hearing. 

The hearing was headed by the bench of Justices Shantanu Kemkar and Sarang Kotwal after Maru’s parents and his sister Leena filed a plea against Nair Hospital.

The Case

On January 2018, Rajesh had gone to Nair Hospital to check on his sister's mother-in-law. During which, a worker at the hospital asked him to bring an oxygen cylinder to the MRI scan room. FYI, all metal objects are prohibited in the MRI scan room but still, the ward boy stated that since the MRI machine was switched off, Maru could bring the cylinder inside. Listening to the ward boy, Rajesh brought the cylinder inside.

However, the machine was not switched off, which resulted in an accident and Rajesh got sucked into the machine along with the cylinder and was trapped inside. Due to this, the valve of the cylinder burst open and oxygen started spreading out.

As a massive amount of oxygen entered Maru’s body, he fell unconscious. Somehow, the machine was shut down and Rajesh was rescued and taken to the trauma centre where he died during treatment.

However, Rajesh being the sole earning member of the family, now they are left with no financial support along with the loss they had to suffer. Therefore, they have demanded that the hospital must pay reimbursement to the family for the mental and financial damage they’ve caused them.

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