ZTCC launches an app to ease up organ donation

Patients will be able to enroll their names on a click of a button

ZTCC launches an app to ease up organ donation

Usually, when people are in need of an organ, they have to register themselves with Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC) which takes a lot of time and is a very difficult process. To make it easy for the patients, ZTCC has launched an app and a website which will enable the patients to enroll their names with a click of a button.

One of the most tedious processes in the cadaveric donation process is the distribution of organs. The hospital which has a potential brain-dead patient has to first contact ZTCC, which then refers to a computer-based network to draw up a list of potential recipients across the city.

The coordination takes 48 hours or more, and transplant coordinators in various hospitals and the ZTCC work very hard so that every donation takes place,” ZTCC general secretary Dr Surendra Mathur.

On the occasion of ZTCC’s 18th foundation day, state health minister Dr. Deepak Sawant inaugurated the digitisation drive to make the process smoother and faster.