Power-cut at J.J Hospital causes inconvenience

J.J. Hospital is the biggest government hospital in Maharashtra, and today's unexpected power cut brought inconvenience.


Monsoon has just hit the city but the ripples can be already seen with even more frequent load shedding hours. The electricity supply in the OPD department of J.J. Hospital was cut off on Friday morning, as a result of which several outpatients were inconvenienced. J.J. Hospital is the biggest government hospital in Maharashtra.

The hospital provides state-of-the-art facilities and highly advanced treatments and attracts patients from all over the country. 

The OPD department of the hospital is always overflowing with patients. Due to the long-running load-shedding on Friday, the patients had to go through some trouble.

The power resumed at 11:30 AM after which the doctors could resume their work.

Such incidents raise an alarm about the existing infrastructure in the city, where hospitals too have to suffer the load-shedding. Will we ever see an improvement and a development which will benefit everyone?

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