Dose of generic meds prescription not suiting the doctors now?

    Dose of generic meds prescription not suiting the doctors now?
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    Albeit, the doctors had started off prescribing generic medicines since it was mandated by the Medical Council of India, a lot of doctors are still reluctant to prescribe them because of their limited availability. Moreover, a number of doctors opine that the generic medicines may carry some harmful side-effects or may not be as effective as the patent drugs. Moreover, the Medical Council of India has made a demand that the government should take the sale of both the patent and the generic drugs under its control so that general public does not have to pay any extra charges for these medicines. This demand has been so presented by Dr Shivkumar Utture, one of the members of Medical Council of India.

    As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is a directive principle that the doctors must prescribe generic medicines only. However, the doctors, on the other hand, say that even if the generic medicines are available, they are not as effective.

    On one hand, while most of the doctors had already started off with the said directive, yet the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies have got into a war of words on the social media. The doctors are of the opinion that even if the generic medicines are quite available, who will be held responsible in case these medicines cause serious side-effects to the patient.

    On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies are blaming the doctors for spreading the word that generic medicines are not as effective. As per Kailash Tandle, director of Maharashtra Registrar Pharmacist Association, the generic medicines are equally effective as the branded ones. Dr Utture, rubbishing all kinds of allegations said, that once the issue of prescription and sale of medicines comes under the control of the government, all the issues, regarding their effectiveness and their price will be the government’s lookout. Since the quality of the medicine will be completely under the control of the government, the issue of people facing any side-effects because of any prescribed medicine will be ruled out completely.

    Moreover, it has already been directed, that to make the generic medicines available it is imperative that the doctors start prescribing them. So far, such has been the case that people have been made to pop 15 pills day where they should be popping in 5. Hence, to control such practices, it is certain that the regulatory control would definitely go in the hands of the government.

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