Private doctors in Maharashtra to stage a statewide protest from September 9

The statewide protest has been planned by the doctors associated with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) with regards to the unfair pricing model drafted for COVID19 treatment by the state government.

Private doctors in Maharashtra to stage a statewide protest from September 9

Private doctors, associated with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), will stage a statewide protest from Wednesday, September 9, 2020. As per reports, the protest is staged with regards to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown where private doctors have been treating patients day and night, but the rate of being treated at a private hospital is decided by the state government.

This has seemed unfair for some doctors and keeping the same in mind, a statewide protest has been planed against the government's move.

IMA Maharashtra President Dr Avinash Bhondwe shared some information regarding the same and said that the doctors will protest from Wednesday and pay homage to the ones who have died due to coronavirus infection. Furthermore, on Thursday, September 10, protests will be held in front of various government offices in Maharashtra.

Bhondwe added that the government has decided on unfair pricing to treat coronavirus cases at private hospitals in Maharashtra, and if the officials want to decide on the cost, they should consult the doctors and the representatives at the IMA. This procedure has not been followed and has led to several concerns. Besides this, he stated that if one asks for time to discuss the current rates, then the team will not let that happen.

Currently, the Maharashtra government has set fixed pricing for treatment at private hospitals. However, some hospitals have been charging more than the suggested cost. Recently, patients filed complaints regarding the same in Navi Mumbai, and the local municipal corporation had to intervene in the matter to solve the worries posed by the patients. Owing to this, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has set up bill grievance centre where patients can call and report the issues if a hospital charges an additional amount for treatment.

As of September 8, 2020, Maharashtra has a total of 9,43,772 COVID-19 cases with 27407 deaths. Four divisions in the state have more than one-lakh COVID-19 cases.

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