State government to run Asmita Yojana from March 8, school girls to get sanitary napkins for just ₹5

Through Asmita Yojana, the local Self Help Groups (SHGs) will provide high quality sanitary pads

State government to run Asmita Yojana from March 8, school girls to get sanitary napkins for just ₹5

Better late than never, is a popular saying, and it does apply to many cases in our country, where either people fail to understand the importance of an issue, or it is the government/officials who take time to act. One such case is that of sanitary pads and offering solutions to assist women with hygiene. Realising the need and importance, the state government has finally taken a decision to address the issue relating to sanitary napkins.

Both men and women shy away from talking about sanitary pads, and in today's time, it is important that we address and speak openly about issues pertaining to menstrual health.

Back in June 2017, Women and Child Welfare Minister, Pankaja Munde announced that a pack of eight sanitary napkins would be provided to schoolgirls across the state under the scheme Asmita Yojana. She also said that the scheme would be launched on August 15, the same year, which did not happen as scheduled. The same issue was discussed again in the cabinet meeting on January 30, 2018, and now will be brought to action from March 8, 2018, on the account of International Women’s Day.

As per the state government officials, the local Self Help Groups (SHGs) who will be providing the napkins will get the employment and students will get the napkins at subsidised rates of ₹5.

Only 17 per cent women use sanitary napkins owing to its high cost and superstition. This move will help in creating cleanliness and will also solve health issues. Further, it will also boost the school attendance as girls usually drop out from schools due to periods,” Pankaja Munde, Women, and Child Welfare Minister.

Minister Munde also informed that government will spend ₹1 crore on the publicity and promotion of Asmita Scheme which will provide sanitary napkins at an affordable price to the students of district schools. These napkins will be of international quality and so women will not hesitate to use it. The government will also try to distribute the napkins with Asmita brand on it.

Adding to the initiative, the state will also launch a mobile application which will help in distributing napkins and registering demands as well. Further, the app will also help the government will choose SHGs, and will distribute napkins through this groups.

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