Central government’s V-Day gift for cardiac patients

    Central government’s V-Day gift for cardiac patients
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    Mumbai - While the whole world was busy celebrating V-Day, the state government gave the best valentine gift to cardiac patients. From 14 Feb, the government will provide stent medicines at lower prices. They have slashed their rates by 80%. Four months back, central government’s National Pharmaceutical pricing authority had declared that they would slash the prices by 14 Feb and they kept their promise.

    Cardiac patients are increasing who have no option other than angioplasty which requires the use of a stent. The actual cost of the stent is Rs. 20k to 30k but it is sold around Rs. 70k to 2.5 lakh. There was a demand that state should lower the prices of the stent as hospitals overcharge it. “I welcome the decision of central government who lower the prices of the stent. Now because of this decision, these stents will be available around Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 30, 000,” said Umesh Khake, who is a social activist who is been working in a medical field since last three years.

    He added that if any doctor tries selling stent for the higher price he will be prosecuted. He further added that Food and Drugs Administration will keep their eye.
    Stent – It is a splint which is placed temporarily inside a duct, canal, or blood vessel to aid healing or relieve an obstruction.

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