Beware of swine flu, say doctors

    Beware of swine flu, say doctors
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    It is not even summer season, cases of swine flu have increased statewide along with Mumbai. Until now, nine patients of swine flu have been found in different parts of Mumbai and 103 patients statewide. The government and BMC has pulled up the sock to tackle the disease.

    “We registered two patients of swine flu in the month of February, five patients in March and two patients in April. We have prepped up for swine flu and have sent the guidelines to all the civic run hospitals. We have kept the ventilators ready for emergency cases. We are also tapping media in order to create awareness regarding the same. Also, it is mostly found in pregnant women, small children and senior citizen and so we have asked them to consult a doctor in case of emergency,” said Dr. Minni Khetrapal, epidemiology in-charge, BMC. 

    What is swine flu?
    Swine flu is a virus which is also known as influenza, pig flu or H1N1. This is contagious disease and sometimes becomes dangerous. The virus was detected in 2009.

    How it spreads?
    When someone sneezes or spits on the ground, it gives away the bacteria which mixes up in the air contaminated with swine flu and then it becomes hazardous. 

    Swine Flu symptoms
    Feels cold
    Cough and cold
    Throat infection
    Body pain and stomach pain

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