88 road-repair projects to be affected in containment zones

88 road-repair projects to be affected in containment zones

The lockdown has impacted civic works on roads and other infrastructure. A new report sheds light on some of the projects that cannot currently be worked on as they come under the containment zone. It is said that around 88 works will be delayed in areas like Worli, Dharavi, and Govandi. 

The BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) had earmarked a total of 405 road repairs-related projects. However, it is said that only 68 will be completed before the monsoons begin. 

The slowdown in completion of work is mostly due to a large bulk of civic engineers currently engaged in COVID-19 related work across key wards of the city. Of the 88 projects that are currently held up, Mumbai makes up for 52 roads, while the eastern and western suburbs have 10 and 26 roads respectively.  

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However, the BMC added that around 177 road repairs will be brought to a “safe stage” so as to not inconvenience citizens during the monsoons. The COVID-19 lockdown has severely impacted the civic body’s ability to conduct crucial works in the city. Each year, the BMC sets a target of repairing up to 500 roads. 

In order to make sure the agency is not understaffed during the pandemic, the BMC has issued a 100% attendance order for its staff. The civic body’s ability to work on public infrastructure is crucial as it can help avoid situations like floods or waterlogging, a situation that Mumbaikars are accustomed to from the years prior. 

The BMC recently mentioned that there is a possibility of waterlogging in 40 areas, causing great concern for the citizens as well as the authorities.

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