Bandra Skywalk to be dismantled for Metro 2B


All of us want to see the city develop and grow exponentially. There have been multiple changes in the city infrastructure and billions have been spent in the name of development. Now, for further development, they are going to dismantle the established structures. Yes, you read it right.

MMRDA is planning to dismantle some parts of the Bandra Skywalk for Metro 2B construction.

To make it easy for the train travellers, MMRDA spent millions to build the skywalk which connects the railway station to the main road. This 864 meter Bandra skywalk was built in 2010.

This skywalk made it easier for the commuters to get to SV Road from the station. It was also very convenient to reach Bandra Talao. Ignoring all these things, after seven years of its existence, some part of the skywalk is to be dismantled.

Metro 2B (DN Nagar-Bandra-Mandale) will go through SV Road, Bandra Railway Station and head towards Bandra East.

So some parts of the skywalk need to be dismantled for the SV Road route. Skywalk running from Lucky restaurant to Bandra Talao and Lucky restaurant to Badi Masjid will be dismantled.

Why ruin something which was built in public interest? Why is the city-management so casual about building and demolishing structures? Sadly, this scenario shows how badly the 'development' was planned. 

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