Builder deceives SRA, FIR to be filed

Builder deceives SRA, FIR to be filed

Looks like the dream of people in Mumbai to buy homes will be far from turning into a reality owing to the corrupt tendencies of the SRA officials. SRA was supposed to get 230 homes from the builder named Mordani Realty, but given the fishy business cropping up in amongst some corrupt SRA officials and builders, SRA has still not got these 230 flats.

As per the Development Control Law 33 (14) D, the developer gets the 2.5 FSI plot in exchange of the Permanent Transit Cap. Hence this implies that Mordani was supposed to give a PTC to the SRA, but the said builder did not do so.

Locations of the Mordani Realty Project:

1) G-610, Village Bandra, 15th Khar Road, Khar (P) – 22

2) E-144, plot no. 680 Vigel Bandra, 16th Khar Road, Khar (P) 17 + 6

3) E170, Village Bandra, 16th Road, Khar Behind-29

4) Village Bandra, FP.No. 33 and 335 TPS III, 16th Road, Khar (P) -26

5) E 388, Vilead Bandra 16th Road Khar, West-22

Ravindra Vayak, Minister of State for Housing stated on being contacted by Mumbai Live that Mordani has deceived the SRA since the year 2011 a number of times. As a matter of fact, orders have been issued to file an FIR against the builder.