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From History to its Significance; Here is everything you should know about Iconic BMC building

This building is a must see sight for not just traveller but even for the Mumbaikars, who wants to get a taste of the city’s rich heritage. As you walk out of the CST station and the first magnificent structure that you see on the opposite side of road.


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) building is one of the most iconic heritage buildings representing the rich history of Aamchi Mumbai. BMC building is home to the civic body that governs the city of Mumbai and some suburbs.

The first municipal body came into existence in Mumbai in 1865, around 140 years before Bombay changed to Mumbai.

However, since day one, politics figured a major way in determining influence that went way beyond the city limits.

Whoever controlled Mumbai played a role in national politics. So the BMC election attracts a lot of political attention.

This city has always been a politically vibrant city. After Independence, there was politics over what to do with the then Bombay. The question raised there was -- Should it be a part of Maharashtra or Gujarat or should it be a union territory? The BMC has seen it all.

 The history of BMC elections has witnessed the rise and fall of many political movements and parties. At the entrance to the iconic BMC building stands a statue of Sir Pherozshah Mehta, who drafted the Bombay Municipal Act of 1872.

In 1888, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act replaced the Bombay Municipal Act and over the next 125 years BMC became the richest civic body in India.

History of BMC

The first Commissioner of BMC was King Arthur. Bombay was the first British Indian possession, which came as a part of the royal dowry in 1661 to King Charles II of England on his marriage to the Portuguese princess, Infanta Catherine de Braganza. Ironically enough, Bombay also set the stage for the birth of the country's historic freedom movement, as well as for some of its major landmarks, including Gandhiji's 1942 call to the British to "Quit India". It was in Bombay that the Indian National Congress was born in 1885. It led the country's struggle for political independence and indirectly to the liquidation of the British Empire.

During the period between the rise and fall of the British Empire, Bombay gradually developed into a town, a city and a metropolis of world renown.

Significance of the civic body at the Present Day

Today, the Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika covers an area of 480.24 sq. kms with a population of 1,19,14,378 as per the census of 2001. During 2001-2011 decade, there has been an addition of 7,16,543 persons in the population. BMC holds a door-to-door survey for the census.

The metropolis accounts major portion of India's international trade and government revenue, from being one of the foremost centers of education, science and technological research and advancement.

It is also pertinent to note that Mumbai's all-round growth owed a lot to the early development of the system of local government under British rule.

Architecture of the Building

The architects debated between the two proposed designs -- one Gothic and one Indo-Saracenic. The structure was finally built using a blend of Venetian Gothic and Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Its oil paintings and statues have a special significance and beauty is a vision to behold even today.

The structure is complete with intricately carved arches, winged allegorical figurines and a stunning main tower. Considering its legacy, the BMC building has been characterised as a Grade ⅡA heritage structure by The Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee.

Every Independence Day and Republic Day, the building is lit up with the colours of the Indian Flag and it is a wonderful sight to behold.

Tourist Entry in BMC

This building is a must see sight for not just traveller but even for the Mumbaikars, who wants to get a taste of the city’s rich heritage. As you walk out of the CST station and the first magnificent structure that you see on the opposite side of the road, is the BMC building!

Recently, the tourism department has planned to give entry to visitors to learn and understand the history of the building. The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) along with the BMC will be organising guidance heritage walks for the people who wish to learn about the structure and its past.

Mumbaikars should also learn about the structure as it is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and the one which is responsible for keeping Mumbai functional every day, all through the year.

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