British era milestone discovered near KEM Hospital during demolition

British era milestone discovered near KEM Hospital during demolition

A milestone, used by the British to mark distances in the city, has been unearthed during a demolition drive near the KEM Hospital.

Officials with the civic department that deals with historical artefacts in the city told Mumbai Live that 15 such milestones have been discovered so far. The one discovered yesterday was located at the S A Rao Marg, behind KEM Hospital. F South ward deputy municipal commissioner Vishwas Mote told Mumbai Live that the stone was discovered while some unauthorised constructions built over it were being demolished.

Distances within the city were marked in miles during the British rule in the country. The system was changed after Independence and the Indian government shifted to clocking distances in kilometres. However, no marking stones were put up within the city after independence. Sources say the British milestones were put up between 1816 and 1837.

In the 1800s, distances were measured beginning from the St Thomas Cathedral at Horniman Circle. Among a total of 32 milestones scattered across the city, were the ones at Kalbadevi, Null Bazaar, Ibrahim Rahimtullah sttreet, near the Bank of India on Mount Road, on the J Dadaji Road at Tardeo, KEM Hospital, N M Joshi marg, Chitra Cinema, L J Road, Shiv Sena Bhavan. Only a few survive now.

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