Is Your Building Safe? Find Out The Early Signs Of A Building Collapse

From regular structural audits to chipping walls, find out the early signs of building collapse.

Is Your Building Safe? Find Out The Early Signs Of A Building Collapse

Buildings are always in a brittle condition in Mumbai and the incidents of building collapse have always been on a rise. With the recent collapse of a building in Dongri and the never-ending saga of blame game by the authorities, here are some early signs that can help you detect if your building is in dilapidated condition:    

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1)The society should conduct structural audits every 10 months and should keep a record of when was it last done and what was the report of it. 

2) It is very important to asses the land around the building as water can seep from the ground during monsoon if the land is on wetlands. 

3) If the Plaster of Paris or paintings on the wall are chipping it indicates that the building is damaged and needs urgent attention. 

4) If the building is under construction, the workers should ensure that there should be no damage to the main pillar of the building. 

5) Cracks in the beam, Plaster of Paris can indicate that the building structure is weak.   

6) If it is detected that the building is in a dilapidated condition, it should be vacated as soon as possible even though it would be difficult to find an alternative. 

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