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Mumbai Port Trust to undertake the Sewri redevelopment project

The state government had proposed the redevelopment 20-25 years ago, but the project was hindered by several factors throughout the years


The redevelopment of BDD chawl located at Worli, Naigaon and N.M. Joshi Road has begun and accordingly, the residents are expected to move into the newly constructed buildings soon. However, the BDD chawl at Sewri was facing troubles due to which, the redevelopment project was delayed. But soon, the redevelopment of the Sewri chawl will commence. 

The Mumbai Port Trust has come forward to conduct the redevelopment project and the organisation have also prepared a detailed proposal for the same. Therefore, Mumbai Port Trust President Sanjay Bhatia told Mumbai Live that the proposal will now be sent to the state government for approval and is expected to be approved in a month’s span.

The BDD chawl constructed at Worli, N.M.Joshi Road, Naigaon and Sewri has been declared as hazardous and life-threatening. Therefore, the redevelopment of the 100-year-old construction has been crucial. The state government had proposed the redevelopment 20-25 years ago but the project was hindered by several factors throughout the years.

Therefore, the state government handed over the responsibility to Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) who successfully managed to initiate the redevelopment project of the chawl. 

However, only the redevelopment of 12 constructions at Sewri’s BDD chawl was not initiated due to various reasons. One of the prominent reasons was that the land at Sewri was under the Central Government and therefore, the permission process was tedious.

But since Mumbai Port Trust has taken the project in their hands, it is expected that the redevelopment will begin soon. The project will be conducted under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) as per the proposal which has been sent for approval and is expected to return within a month.

Meanwhile, Bhatia said that the total cost of the project will be ₹900 crore and all the 914 residents of the chawl will receive an approximate 500 sq. ft. house.